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Welcome to the best Picture Day experience, powered by PhotoDay!

We have partnered with PhotoDay, a leading self-service photography previewing and ordering service geared towards today's parents.

- No more pre-pay envelopes!

- No more writing a check and hoping the pictures look good!

- 100% Contactless Picture Day experience!

- Order what you want, when you want, and have it shipped right to your door!

How PhotoDay powers our services

Our Picture Day Process and Timeline

Several weeks prior to Picture Day, your organization will provide us with a list of all participants. We use this data to create Private Galleries where only your pictures will be shown. (Siblings can be grouped together by request.) Personalized Access Codes are generated and distributed to all families either via your organization or directly if you have provided us your email address.

As Picture Day draws closer, your Private Galleries will go into "AdvancedPay" status. This gives you the ability to see what print sizes and product offerings we have in store for your pictures. Additionally, you have the option of pre-purchasing AdvancePay Credits to be used later once your pictures are published. Think of these credits like a gift card to yourself with added perks like discounts, free shipping to your door, and fundraiser money being donated back to your organization.

When Picture Day arrives, each player and one (1) adult family member must check-in at the photography table. (Depending on the venue's Covid policies, masks may be required. You will be notified ahead of time.) The adult family member must be present to allow for fixing of hair/clothing/pose to maintain social distancing between the photographer and player. At check-in, the adult family member will confirm basic information and a picture will be taken by a dedicated tablet to digitally register the player.

After check-in, the player and adult family member will follow the queue to the photography area. When called, the player can remove their mask (if previously required) and follow the photographer's instructions on where to stand, while the adult family member waits outside the photography area. between 3 and 8 picture poses will be taken for each player. We can also accommodate multiple players of the same family to be photographed at the same time, and buddy/sibling pictures, regardless of team.

** Picture-taking by family members during the shoot is strictly prohibited! **

Once the player's individual pictures are taken, you are free to go! In lieu of group team photos, individual player poses will be digitally assembled. When the photos are published online, we will notify you either directly or via your organization.

My Pictures are Ready... How to PhotoDay!

If you have any questions about our process, please reach out using the Facebook or Email links on the left and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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